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4 Feb 2013

How to Guaranteed a Profit With Matched Online Betting

Matched betting using free bets from online bookies is a virtually risk free method of making financial gains using the Internet. Online bookies offer 'Free Bet Offers' which are free or offer a monetary bonus upon betting. In matched betting, a bet is placed with an online bookie and simultaneously laid at a betting exchange. When performed with a free bet offer, a profit is guaranteed.

Matched Betting Explained First, make a qualifying bet at an online betting exchange using a free bet offer. Most exchanges will allow you to lay bets, or to bet against a particular outcome, setting your own odds. You can essentially be your own bookie.

An Example... Let's say that you place a £25 free bet at William Hill. Tottenham has 3/1 odds of beating Arsenal. At the same time, you lay Tottenham to beat Arsenal at an online exchange. If you bet £25 on Tottenham at William Hill and lay £25 on Tottenham at Betfair, you will never lose. If Tottenham is victorious you will win £100 at William Hill. At Betfair you will lose £75, leaving you where you started. If Tottenham lost or drew, you would lose £25 at William Hill and gain £75 at Betfair. You are guaranteed at least to break even.

Your £25 free bet is now activated. Next find another match to bet on. For example, you might bet on Wigan to defeat Portsmouth at 2/1 at William Hill and lay the same odds at Betfair. If Wigan wins, you win £50 from William Hill and will pay out your total liability of £25 at Betfair. 

You retain a net profit of £25. If Wigan loses, you'll only lose your free bet stake but will keep all your profits from Betfair. The Risks Unfortunately matched betting can be more complicated than it may seem. Many free bets offered by online bookies will not return any winnings on top of the free bet, so you will need to lay at slightly higher odds than you placed the inital bet. Many exchanges will also charge commission on your winnings. It is very important to be aware of all essential details when placing and laying your bets. 

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