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22 Apr 2014

Horse Trainer Open Days

There is one thing that horse racing fans love to do and that is get close to the action and especially see behind the scenes of stables. Horse trainer open days have really taken off over the last few years because it gives the general public a chance to learn what is take to get a horse to the races. There are few occasions when you have the opportunity to see horses, meet the trainer, grooms, stable jockeys and apprentices. That's the beauty of horse trainer open days - the doors are literally off their hinges. 

Horse Trainer Directory is all about promoting horse trainers across the country and we love to keep our readers informed. We will update this page with forthcoming open days dates/schedules so keep coming back to see the latest news. 

Alastair Lidderdale                                        - First Saturday of every month except                                                                                          December

Paul Green                                                            - 4th May 

Epsom Racehorse Trainers' Open Day    - 24th August 

Malton Stables Open Day                              - 31st August 

Newmarket Open Day                                     - 21st September