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22 Sept 2014

Combat the Cold: Is Your Stable Ready For Winter?

The winter is drawing closer, and if predictions are accurate it could be a far colder winter than average. As a reliable horse owner, your priority is maintaining your horse’s health and happiness in these colder months, but if you haven’t started the preparations for your stable yet, don’t panic! This latest post is filled with advice on how to get your stable ready for winter…

  • Clean Vigorously
Maintaining the cleanliness of your stable is crucial all year around and winter is no exception. Use disinfectant to thoroughly clean the stable and ensure that enough pest control is in place to deter rodents. Exhaustive cleaning before winter will certainly assist in preserving your horse’s health.
  • Stop Freezing
Winter is often accompanied by dreaded snow and ice – and this is almost certainly going to be the case this year. This is why it is important to keep all areas of the stable, including doors and windows, clean and dry to prevent them from freezing shut. It is also worth insulating your water pipes to try and prevent freezing, but always keep a water bucket on hand for extremely cold days.
  • Invest In Rubber Matting
The colder months can affect your horse’s joints and hooves. By investing in high-quality rubber matting, you can lessen the pressure on their joints whilst keeping them comfortable throughout winter. Look to UK based suppliers such as Fairfield Sales for specialist rubber matting designed with horses in mind.
  • Entertainment
It may not be acceptable to install a flat screen TV in your stable but you can certainly alleviate boredom by introducing games, stimulating toys and shatterproof mirrors. When your horse isn’t playing around, they might be spending their time looking outside. Ensure that you have a stable door grille correctly installed to prevent boredom-related weaving.
  • Winter Warming Food
If your horse is kept outside throughout most of the summer, your stable may not be fully equipped for full-time use. Invest in high-quality hay nets that your horse can feed from and make sure you have enough for a constant supply. Installing more than one hay net and filling each with a different form of sustenance can keep your horse interested in eating whilst providing another way to prevent boredom.
  • Keep Yourself Warm

We admit that this is not a stable related top tip, but it is incredibly important. Keeping yourself wrapped up warm in clothing, boots and gloves will not only protect you from harsh weather but ensure that you are willing to make those colder visits to your horse.