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28 Mar 2016

Handicapping Opportunities When You're Not Betting on Horses

Horseracing is arguably the most popular sport among daily sports bettors around the world. This is due simply to the number of races held each day throughout the year, and not because of the great odds associated with horseracing. In fact, horseracing has some of the worst odds in all of sports, and the vital information needed to make successful wagers on horses is usually restricted to the sharp professional bettors around the world. With so many horses throughout the world participating in races daily, the common fan has no way of studying up on and knowing all the horses they’re risking their money on. So when the horseraces take a seasonal break each year, most successful horserace bettors will turn to the other smarter wagering sports.

American football, baseball, basketball, and European football are all far more profitable sports to bet on than horseracing but require a bigger investment. The information for each of these major sports is more readily available to the common sports bettor, which can directly translate into a more even playing field and better profits for bettors. Due to sheer number of people betting on these more mainstream sports around the world, they receive a lot more attention from the general public, resulting in more informed bets placed by those who know how to decipher the information and translate it into winning wagers.

While horseracing information is limited to the few that are in the know, anyone can read in-depth analysis on any of the major sports online or in various national publications daily. Winning sports wagers, no matter what sport it’s in is all about finding quality information and knowing what to do with it. While more bettors may wager on horseracing each year than any of the other sports, you may be surprised to hear that the common bettor has a higher winning percentage in all of those major sports. American football, baseball, and basketball in particular are big money makers for a large number of sports bettors each year. Famous handicapper Jon Price who is known as the worlds most successful and profitable sports gambler advises clients on all sports year round but turns the biggest profits for his clients during the NFL and College football betting seasons. The seasons are much shorter than the horseracing season, but the leagues are still played year round at different intervals and allow sports bettors to make more money on the side while they’re not betting on horse races.

Stop throwing your money away by guessing on a sport that’s as unpredictable as horseracing. If you thought humans unpredictable, they’re nowhere near as inconsistent as horses in horseracing. There’s plenty of other smarter options for you to place our wagers on each year, no matter what season it is when you’re not wagering on horses.