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8 Apr 2016

Oh Shit! Moments every rider experiences

Horse riders are pretty tough. We take the mucking out, fall injuries, and expenses in our stride all for the love of riding.

Paddy Power have collated the best ‘oh shit’ moment that all horse riders can relate to ahead of the Grand National 2016. How many do you recognise?

The Terrible Tumble

You are cantering around the paddock enjoying the fresh air and suddenly your horse sees the end of a carrot and stops. All we can say is thank God for body protection.

Tack me down

Horse tack is getting more and more advanced. However, nothing seems to help you when your foot is caught in the stirrups and you’re head over heels.

The small yappy dog

You take a leisurely hack along the countryside bridle path then BAAM a small ball of fluff springs out of nowhere and scurries around your horses legs scaring the life out of it.

The Shoulder Stand

This is a common occurrence amongst show jumpers and sometimes gymkhana participants. Once you lose your balance, there is no saving you.

The flooded paddock

The outside tap is not working yet again, the rental fees are extortionate and to top it off the paddock is flooded. Who would own a horse hey?!

Unexpected Play Time

Mud, sand, snow, horses love it all. And never more than when you are decked out in your brand new jodhpurs.

When it’s Dentist Time

Having been bitten from an over excited mare previously the thought of an equine dentist at work makes me quiver. If horses make light work of carrots, imagine what they can do to your fingers!