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3 Jun 2016

Your Guide to Wolverhampton Races

Wolverhampton Racecourse is a horse sporting facility that is located in West Midlands –England. The prominent racecourse entered history records after it emerged as the first floodlit racing establishment in the United Kingdom. Due to its newfound glory, Wolverhampton attracted a new birth of global media publicity as a result of its state-of-the-art features. It is the top favorite to millions of sporting sightseers as well as celebrated racers from all over the globe. Since it has floodlights that illumine its courses and tracks during the night, it instantly became one of the very first sites in Britain to stage both night and evening fixtures.

With a Tapeta surface, Wolverhampton Racecourse measures about one mile in terms of circumference. Although it is not the biggest racing facilities in the United Kingdom, it is nonetheless among the most important horse racing grounds in the country. With sharp undulations and a couple of short-hand turns, it is a top-rated racecourse that remains a leading facility of its kind not only in Europe but also throughout the world. As a result of its unique characteristics, Wolverhampton Racecourse has been severally likened to other sporting grounds found in the United States as opposed to those available in the region. Consequently, the universally acclaimed horse riding facility receives thousands of horse riding tourists from the other side of the Atlantic.  

Wolverhampton is one of the oldest racecourses in the United Kingdom – dating back to the early days of the 1820s. In fact, the available records hold that the first notable racing events were held in mid-1825. Once positioned in what is currently called the West Park, Wolverhampton has richly contributed to the illustrious history of horse riding competition in the United Kingdom. West Park is located where the Park Road follows the line of the Wolverhampton track, making the prominent facility one of the top well-designed sporting grounds that can be easily accessed via both air and ground road network. Although its old location was sold to the Corporation in 1878, the immortal racing grounds were established at Dunstall Park in slightly less than 10 years.

Around December 1993, the then revamped racing facility became a world hit due to its recently installed floodlighting project. A widely recognized all-weather fibresand track was unveiled alongside the turf track – making Wolverhampton one of the most well-laid-out horse sporting amenities in the country. With a hotel, a restaurant, and optimally customized executive boxes that were built about the same time, the auspicious racecourse carved itself a prestigious niche as a top-notch sporting spot of its class in the continent.

Further, the sporting grounds house outstanding dining and accommodation amenities besides having one of the best horse sporting services. Due to its prime position as one of the top-quality hospitality and racing centers, Wolverhampton has been receiving hundreds of clients seeking corporate and social meeting space at the globally regarded site. However, the administration at the top-of-the-range Wolverhampton sporting and hospitality site advises their esteemed clients to consult the management so that all the necessary arrangements are put in place to make their significant functions absolutely picture-perfect and resoundingly successful-- much to the joy of the owners.