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16 Nov 2016

Through the eyes of a horse trainer...

First Acts: A series of films celebrating England's most exciting 16 - 24 year-old artist, filmmakers in partnership with the Arts Council England. 

Ilka said: ''Last summer we had the pleasure of opening the gates of Saint Wendred’s to talented young director Alejandro Ahedo Perez and his team. As part of his university degree at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, and funded by Channel 4, Alejandro directed and produced a short film on our philosophy at Gansera-Leveque Racing…
You may have seen a clip of the video, as it will now be featured on our home page of the website for everyone to see the passion and attention to detail that Ilka put’s in to every horse at Saint Wended’s.''

‘First – Through the eyes of a trainer we see the difficulties in finding the balance between creating the perfect race horse and pushing the animal beyond it’s limits.Behind every victory or defeat, hidden from the crowds and media, there is always the trainer. The person who the horse lives with, grows with and learns from. The trainer is fully responsible for all the preparation: the physical and psychological well being of the animal. This is a delicate and fragile duty where an invisible thin line separates fitness from injury. And this is where Ilka, a Newmarket trainer, is in her element. As both a vet and specialist in caring for traumatised horses that have been pushed too far, she has given rare access to her daily preparation of her race horses. ‘

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