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1 May 2017

Retro Slot Machines: The Old Jennings Governor One Arm Bandit

Slot machines. I must admit as a child I had a fascination with slot machines. We used to go on holiday to Caister-on-sea in Norfolk, just a mile or two from Great Yarmouth. Every September, without fail, we would go to the amusement arcade and play the old one-arm bandits. I'm sure many of you remember those old-style chrome numbers with lights and the classic Indian head. 

Just searching for it on the net, it is the Jennings Governor One Arm Bandit. In fact, if you tried to purchase one of those machines today you wouldn't get a working model for less than £1,500. Well, you may get one with an arm missing.

It was a delight to play the arcade games and the sound of falling coins. These days the old has been replaced with the new and online slots are the easiest alternative for players who don't know where Caister-on-sea is and even if they did turn up they would most likely find the 'Old Governer' resides in a museum. 

So what do we play today? The future is here and so are these outstanding offers.

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Remember this old one arm bandit from back in the good old days. 

The Jennings Indian Jackpot LED One Arm Bandit. I'm sure you remember winning with three bars: Tic Tac Toe. 

This beautiful machine used to be a standard in arcade across the country but now a true collector's item. The chrome, indigo-blue glass, and shuddering three-reels look a posh man's toy with the Indian buffed up like a genie's lamp. The old slots had that touch of character. 

The latest slots are now featured online for easy play which is truly advanced technology to these old boys. 

Slots come in many shapes and forms. Whichever you love you will like then more when winning.