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21 Dec 2017

Our Little Sister: Positive Dope Test

''It was Professor Plum with a poker in the gun room.'' 

It could have been a scene from Cluedo. However, the recent doping hearing of racehorse Our Little Sister has the making of a real whodunnit as names are named and solicitors bills increase with each and every threatening letter. 

Hughie Morrison's barrister named Imogen 'Bundle' Pickard as a 'person of interest' on Thursday's doping hearing. 

Pickard, a small-scale trainer from Kingsland, Hertfordshire, denied having anything to do with the case, stating:  'I have been brought into this ridiculous scenario and it has absolutely nothing to do with me.''

Representing Morrison, Graeme McPherson QC, said she was named by a whistleblower who claimed he had heard of a threat to 'get at' the filly. 

Morrison will hear on Friday if he faces punished for Our Little Secret's positive dope test to anabolic steroid nandrolone. Morrison has denied the charges claiming he is the victim of a malicious plot. 

Pickard was interviewed by the BHA who found no evidence to connect her with the horse. However, she has been named in the inquiry although representation stressed he was not claiming she 'pressed the plunger' or instructed anyone to do so. 

Pickard told the Racing Post.

''Our paths have never crossed.''

"I am pretty sure if the BHA had any concern whatsoever they would have taken my licence away by now.

"I have never met Hughie Morrison and I think the BHA, having investigated me deeply, have seen that I've never even had a runner on the same day as him. Our paths have never crossed. I've seen his photo in the paper now but before that, I wouldn't even have recognised him if I passed him on the street.

"I have no vendetta towards Hughie Morrison, no reason to jeopardise his career or try to take horses from his yard or dope any horses in his yard. I've never even used a steroid in my life."

She said: "Of course it has been worrying. I was called up to London halfway through day one to stand as a witness before it was decided they didn't want me.

"At the end of the day I know I am innocent, I know I have never been involved whatsoever. I was warned before the case they did not know whether my name would be brought up. It seems he is clutching at straws and this is the closest thing he has to clear his name, passing the blame onto someone else.

"I have been brought into this ridiculous scenario and it has absolutely nothing to do with me. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I have given the BHA access to all phones and email contacts because I have no involvement with the doping of Our Little Sister."