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9 May 2018

Herbalife Distributor South Florida: Hydration Tips For Kids

I'm not sure if it is global warming, but the temperatures keep on rising. Florida has been so hot this summer, while much of Europe has struggled with increasing temperatures. Even the UK has had a heatwave and the hottest summer since 1976. 

We all love the sun. It's good news for keeping those vitamin D levels up. It is very important for your general health so make sure you don't lack in this vital vitamin, especially if you live in a country that has dark, cold winters. 

The heat can be liberation in so many ways but make sure you use sun screen, wear a hat in the mid-day sun and always carry a bottle of water to keep hydrated. Sun stroke, a bad case of sunburn or potential skin cancer is a danger and preventable. 

If those fears are bad for adults, then children must be cared for with extra concern. Ideally, let children play in the morning or early evening when temperatures are likely to be cooler. And restrict play to short periods – safety first! 

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Kids Hydrated

1) Children playing in the paddling pool on a hot, sunny day. Make sure they are hydrated – ensure they drink plenty of water! 

2) Heard of cool drying or wicking clothing? Well, this material is ideal for little ones playing in the sun. Don't let the children play in the sun for long, even if in the shade. It is surprising how quickly children suffer from heat exhaustion. Make sure youngsters stay cool. 

3) Sport drinks with electrolytes are important for children as they are adults when playing sport or exercise. A chocolate bar can help boost energy levels. Always refer to directions and ask your doctor if you are unsure. When they have finished playing, go back to water. 

4) Fruit is a great answer to both a sugar boost and hydration. An apple, orange or banana can be ideal for a snack and great to nourish the body. A few alternative like frozen grapes, are both cooling and refreshing. Ideal for keeping their lunch box at a healthy temperature, too. I used to take my children strawberry or cherry picking. It was fun for half an hour and a joy to see them enjoying nature. It is a great way to introduce children to new fruits and they learn the health benefits and where food comes from. Take some home and make a healthy smoothie.

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