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6 Feb 2019

Which Horse Trainers Can Win at Big Odds?

One of the greatest aspects of British horse racing is that we don't lack for trainers. 

From one man and his dog (horse) to Paul Nicholls with a vast string of thoroughbreds. It's interesting to consider the worth of a given trainer. In that, I mean, which are most likely to win at big odds. Making the right decision can mean the difference between a winning and losing season. For example, with Prestbury Park not far away in March, are you thinking about Cheltenham sign up offers for free bets, odds guaranteed & non-runner no bet.  

Let's say you are going to place a bet with betbrain uk. You need to use your intelligence to bet wisely. So which horse trainers are worth their weight in gold? 

Remember we are talking about horse trainers who can win at big odds. Generally speaking most large stables with vast strings don't win at odds of 33/1. In fact, I have run studies on most and they really have a poor strike rate on their first and second start. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Richard Fahey is one trainer who can do very well with debutantes at huge odds. It is interesting to reason why this happens. You would think bookmakers would be careful because they know he has a wealth of potentially smart two-year-olds. So why do some win a huge odds? I can only assume that some are thought to need the race but natural ability shine through and leads to a win. 

Contrast this with debutantes from Mick Channon. He is very price orientated and very few debutantes win at odds bigger than 10/1. In addition, very few win at bigger odds second start. 

One trainer who is worth following with his two-year-olds on their racecourse bow is Michael Dods. He is a rare talent. He is something of an anomaly because his bigger priced horses actually achieve as much if not more than shorter odds. Over the years, he has seen winners at 66/1, 40/1 & many high double-figure odds. He is one of a select list who can almost be backed blindly on debut to show a profit. Certainly over the last decade that is definitely true.  

In general, smaller trainers have a much greater chance of winning at big odds on debut. However, that is usually because they don't have decent horses in their string. The key to success is finding a smaller trainer who has loyal owners with plenty of money to buy potentially smart juveniles. 

This year, I notice one smaller trainer who has won with a big priced debutant. That is the smallest stable in Newmarket, a lovely lady named Ilka Gansera-Leveque. Amazingly, she may have a dark horse in her stable. I noticed an unnamed two-year-old sired by Frankel. Could this horse win at big odds? Perhaps not, simply because this juvenile is likely to attract some media attention. That is likely to chip away at the starting odds. However, if this horse has got enough ability to win at the first time of asking, it is still likely to be value. 

Horse trainers are often creatures of habit. They usually follow patterns and that includes the price they can win. 

Doing a little bit of research can help identify those who can bring about a shock result. If doing research is too much like hard work, then I'd suggest you follow Michael Dods' debutantes because they often win at huge odds.