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23 Jul 2019

Frankel Blog Vs Frankel Watch

You know, sometimes you find a website which keeps you informed a little bit better than the others. They are dedicated to their niche. Keep to the story and updating just enough to keep you entertained without feeling you are stuck on a conveyor belt. 

Who wants too much news? (You might!).

Anyway, Frankel Blog is a little gem of a website because it tells you about Frankel 2yo horses (colt, geldings & fillies) who are making their debut for trainer big and small. I know what you are thinking, no small horse trainer gets a Frankel. Well, you are wrong because I have detailed one truly surprising Frankel-trainer partnership which will keep you on the edge of your seat. Yes, I'm not detailing it here. 

Frankel Blog is dedicated the two-year-old racing in the UK. It has already identified a number of debut winners and juveniles you need to know.  

If you want an informed read, loving keeping track of the Frankel 2yos without doing any work then this website is the ticket. 

You may see #FrankelWatch used as the hashtag for everything Frankel on Twitter but this blog has its finger on the pulse and while other website and social media platforms come and go this one is here to stay. 

Love to know the best Frankel two-year-olds in training? 

Take a look today.