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13 Apr 2020

Best Horse Riding Boots: Tips on Finding the Perfect Pair

Horses have always been considered as one of the most useful animals around. They might not be as popular as dogs or cats, but they do tend to be meant for physical labor. There was a time when it was needed for most households to own at least one. 

Horses were the primary way of transportation if you ignore our own two feet. Attachments like carriages and carts have also been developed to take advantage of their speed, strength, and diligence. When it comes to their use in the battle or farm, nothing would ever beat these steeds. 

Here in Australia, there has been a resurgence in horse riding. There are a lot of factors that have led to this like racing, movies, and literature. More specifically, the Victorian government annually hosts the Melbourne Cup. This is a world-famous horse race that is being visited by millions of people from all over Australia and around the world. 

Although according to this article there have been some issues regarding caring for the thoroughbreds, this has not stopped these games. This is also one of the factors that had led to many people trying to ride horses. 

Riding or Get Ridden 

You might think that it is easy to ride a horse. After all, you just need to go astride its back and it would follow you, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. It can be potentially dangerous to even go near one especially if he or she is not familiar to you. 

You might be familiar with the term “horsepower”, a measurement of power and electric currents. There is a reason for that: a horse kick can be quite fatal. There have been many cases of unfortunate would-be riders getting trampled or kicked by an unruly and untrusting horse. 

With the right guidance and training, you can surely be the equestrian that you want to be. There are rules and regulations that you need to follow through before you can become a full-fledged one. While you are just starting, it is important to have the best riding shoes or boots. You can use your sneaks and running shoes for this one, but it can be quite risky. 

For one, these riding shoes are specifically made for horse riding. It is equipped with a lot of functions that keep you safe and secure while you are above the animal. 

The Shoe that Fits
Choosing the best shoe can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many options to choose from, and the best horse riding boots Australia can offer might be different from what you want. Let us start with the material. The best boots are always made with pure leather. It might be expensive, but it will last longer than the synthetic ones out there. There are also a lot of challenges involved when it comes to cleaning it, so make sure that you know the proper ways. This ensures that it will still look good and fashionable even after a few years.

Another part of the boot that you need to check is the heels. It should be at least 2.5 to 4 cm high so that you can secure yourself on the stirrup. Anything that is lower than this can cause you to slip through and get stuck. If it is higher though, then you might get stuck on the stirrup itself. 

It should also fit your feet perfectly. This is to avoid any kind of injury while you are practicing your equestrian skills. Leather boots will shrink to your size just fine, but some of the synthetic materials can become quite tight after just a few hours of riding. They can end up being difficult to remove. Here are other ways that you can avoid accidents while riding:  

If you are going to work in a sheep station, you will need to have a pair of boots that can withstand both the heat and the rain. The Australian climate in the outback is as unforgiving as a scorned jillaroo. You must be ready for all of it, and having a good pair will be useful for many years to come. 

On the other hand, riding boots should also be of high quality. As mentioned before, there are a lot of dangers when riding a horse. You need to stay on top of that animal as long as possible while not being stuck as well. It can save your life if your boots fit you and its purpose. 

Being an equestrian, whether full or part-time, will always involve two main tasks. One is keeping yourself safe and the other is dealing with the horse. There are a lot of factors in taming or breaking a steed, and some of them are out of your control. The animal might not even like you, as horses are smarter than you think. However, keeping yourself relatively safe will be 90% on your hands. Preparing and having the right gear is always going to save your life.