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4 Dec 2020

How to pick the horse for betting, where too bet?

Horse racing fans vary from the beginner to the the expert. 

However, one thing is for certain and that is unlike the old days there are plenty of ways to both pick a horse and places to bet. 

Horse racing covers two codes: The National Hunt and Flat racing. Let's say you bet on a horse called Megapari. You don't here many people talking about this point but if you want to be a successful gambler then you need to find your niche. You may ask why. There simply isn't enough time to cover all different codes and age groups. If you don't believe me then try to do it all. It's possible at the expense of insightful knowledge. If you spread yourself too thin then you are fighting a losing battle. 

You need to know that little more than most - not less. That's the road to Losersville. You don't want to be living in that place for a week let alone a life-time of gambling. That's the residence of your mug punter. Those poor souls who bet 25p each-way on a 100/1 shot because all they have left are distant hopes and dreams of making their betting pay. 

Find your niche and learn everything you can. 

Be the expert.

In the good, old days of gambling you would go to your local bookmakers. You can still do exactly that and place a bet. If you bet in a High Street bookmakers or online, via an app on your phone, then look for the best offers and the best prices for your selection because there is often a difference. Ideally, bet with a bookmaker who offers best odds guaranteed so whether the price is backed or drifts you won't lose out (on price at least).

The alternative to betting with a traditional bookmaker is using a betting exchange. There are plenty of different companies out there but they all work in a similar fashion. Whether you want to bet on a horse to win or a horse to lose this is the place to do your business. It is probably best to start betting with a traditional bookmaker to get a basic understand before moving to the exchanges. 

Another important factor about betting exchange compared to bookmakers is that winning accounts will never be closed. Also, if you bet on horses at big odds you are going to be much better off using the exchanges. 

Either way, you need to spend your time understanding what it takes to be a knowledgeable gambler. If you don't, you will simply be wasting your time and money. The only reason one person wins money gambling while another loses is the understanding which goes into making your horse selection(s). If this isn't done with expertise you have little chance of beating the layers whether bookmaker or exchange. 

Personally, I follow two-year-old horse racing. Most people hate betting this age group because they find it confusing. You know why they find if confusing, because they haven't put in the work to understand.  

Find what you enjoy and use that passion to become an expert. If you don't enjoy what you do you will literally fall at the first hurdle. Winning at anything is about learning from trial and error. It doesn't have to be the most expensive way to learn as you can start by paper trailing your bets. Basically, like betting with matchsticks. 

When you are in profit, start betting with real money and you could well make a decent bit of cash. 

Always bet responsibly and never bet for the buzz. If losing money on a regular basis sounds like fun you need to seriously question what you are doing. 

Good luck.