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4 Nov 2021

SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Betting in the United Kingdom

Did you know that over 50% of the UK population gamble each week? That’s an awful lot of betting on your staples: horse racing, football, boxing, snookers… You name it, you can bet on everything these day. You still get those in a Festive mood hoping for a white Christmas! 

To learn everything about betting in the United Kingdom is a pretty wide subject, but you will do yourself a favour by visiting to get all the latest news and compare those betting odds. 

As an ardent form student my sporting niche is horse racing. Now, you may enjoy another sport and that’s just fine. But it’s very important to stick to betting on a subject you are passionate about. Without this enthusiasm you won’t take your betting seriously. If you don’t bet to win you are wasting your time and money. If you simply bet for fun then you are doing yourself a disservice. 

Betting is a game of skill. If you don’t know more than the layer who takes your bet then you need to increase your knowledge. That’s why any gambler worth their salt will be betting on a skill-based sport rather than fixed odds. You don’t need me to tell you that you cannot – long term – beat fixed odds. It’s a mathematical fact. 

Also, which is the best approach: betting with you’re head or your heart? You may say the former (rightly so) but would you ever bet against your favourite football team? If you want to win at gambling you need to bet with skill. 

To be a successful gambler you really don’t need to know everything. Here’s a little secret to the success of most punters who have the bookies running for cover. They know a little more than most. It’s a pointless exercise trying to be the best on planet Earth. Unless you want to win a gold medal at the Olympics, it’s a safe bet that you don’t need to be numero uno. Fair enough, if you happen to be that said person, you don’t need to be reading this blog post.

Horse Trainer Directory details UK Horse Trainers big and small. If you want to know something more than your average punter, then take the time to understand the strength and weakness of a trainer who catches your eye. Why? Because just doing that will give you an edge over 95% of gamblers who feel they don’t need to put in the effort to learn. If you want to beat the opposition then you can only do this by educating yourself. Not only is it fun it can help you make your betting pay. 

For example, a new horse trainer, Kevin Phillipart De Foy, is someone who you really want to pay close attention and do a little bit of research about his two-year-old horses because he is such a talented handler that I can almost guarantee you will make money from betting on his juveniles on their first or second start. It comes straight from the horse's mouth. 
Other horse trainers who are worthy of note on their first start include: 

George Boughey 
Roger Varian 
Archie Watson 
David O’Meara 

It is worth noting that many horse trainers simply cannot win at speculative odds and reason why you need to study and research to understand. Don’t fall into the trap of most gamblers who never learn anything from the day they place their first bet. Before betting make sure you know your subject matter well. Place your bets with skill. Use these 10 pointers to help you bet like a pro: 

1) Know your niche it is your key to outwitting any layer 
2) Be selective when betting that’s your strength 
3) Never bet for fun, the buzz or bored 
4) Bet level stake 
5) Keep a record of all bets 
6) Never chase losses 
7) Compare odds and get the value 
8) Keep motivated and bet with confidence 
9) Hone your skills 
10) If you lose regularly – stop betting 

Compare the betting odds to find value. If a bet doesn’t offer value (a price better than its actual chance of winning) you will never win long term. 

Winning isn’t a matter of luck, it’s a matter of judgement. 

Good luck.