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29 Sept 2022

Why betting sites are better than ever

Betting sites may still seem to some of us like a new fad. They could never replace the true experience of betting among friends at a high street shop, or trackside at a race. But the simple fact is that they are getting better and stronger every day, and becoming a better and smoother experience every day. Today, betting sites are better than ever, and if you’ve been wondering about whether to start trying it yourself—there has never been a better time. Sites like FindBettingSites show that every month in the UK alone roughly 5-10 new betting sites are launched, meaning existing companies must improve and adapt.

But why, exactly, are they better? Let’s find out. 

1) Security 

More than anything, we are all concerned about online security. Data breaches and cyber attacks are more rife and more common than ever, with around 39% of businesses in the UK being affected by some form of cyber attack each year. This is a huge problem and puts any data you have stored with that business at risk. 

With that in mind, regulation has ensure that betting sites are more robust in their security than ever. Government regulations require a certain level of protections with things like firewalls to stop widespread breaches. There are also multiple features to protect your own account, such as requiring complex passwords, as well as 2-factor-authentication which makes breach of your account virtually impossible. 

If security has been a concern for you in the past, betting sites are certainly taking huge steps to resolve these issues. 

2) User experience 

But it’s not just security that puts people off betting sites. In the past, betting sites were not nearly as smooth to operate and navigate as they are today. In large part, this is down to the speed of available networks. Internet speeds are much, much faster today than there were 10 years ago. The median average today is around 42mbps. 

With mobile apps, too, the experience becomes a great deal simpler. Apps are far more intuitive to use, and mobile devices far more convenient to carry and use. They are intuitively designed, and app design has come a long way in the last ten years. They can now easily be picked up and used by anyone. 

So, if you’ve been put off in the past because you find apps and sites hard to use, they’ve come a long way to addressing that problem. 

3) Promotions 

Today, there are far more betting sites than there have ever been. The UKGC has issued licenses to around 2,800 different operators, covering a great many more online betting services, such as sportsbook and online casino. This means that competition has become rife, far more than it ever was before. This is always good for the consumer.

One of the main ways that operators are now competing with each other is through promotions and free bets. These can be really advantageous if you make the correct use of them. They often taker the form of X amount of money to bet with, for free, on your first deposit. 

For example, you might get £50 of free bets on a £10 deposit. This is naturally very good for the customer and is another of the reasons that betting sites are better than ever. 

4) Self-exclusion 

But beyond the architecture of the sites themselves, one of the other reasons betting sites are better than ever is the culture of responsibility which the industry has adopted. Self-exclusion programs, such as Gamstop, make it easier for problem gamblers to prevent themselves from gambling too much. 

Whether or not you yourself can make use of such a service, it certainly speaks to the modern betting atmosphere and how it has changed for the better. Betting companies, in becoming more responsible, are making the betting process fairer on the customer, and thus giving consumers greater confidence in the fairness of the services provided. 

So, not only are betting sites becoming easier to use, granting you better chances of winning, and generally being more convenient and smoother, but they’re also becoming a lot more socially and culturally responsible. They are not doing this on their own accord, of course, but the fact is that gambling and betting are changing in major ways that simply make the practice safer for lots of people.