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350 Years of Racing celebrated at Newmarket

One type of sport that has become a real British tradition is horseracing. These days, there are many different horseracing events that take place in the UK each year and these attract not only incredible talent from around the world but also droves of fans who come from far and wide in order to enjoy the excitement and thrill of the races as well as the incredible atmosphere at these courses.

Amongst the best known courses in the UK where high profile racing events take place are Aintree in Liverpool, which is home to the famous Grand National race, and the Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, which hosts the hugely popular Royal Ascot races each year. Another famous racecourse, which has become known as the centre of British horseracing, is Newmarket racecourse one the borders of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

A world famous sporting venue

This year, Newmarket is celebrating its 350th anniversary, having become a hub for British horseracing over the past three and a half centuries. This world famous racecourse holds a variety of exciting racing events each year and has become known as the Home of Racing. Every year, fans from around the country and even further afield head over to enjoy the wide range of exciting racing events that are held here with many placing bets on their favourites to win at the course and others taking to sites such as Betway to place bets as well as to get up to date information and odds on the races taking place at Newmarket.

Many thrilling racing events take place at Newmarket these days, but it all started 350 years ago when King Charles II demanded the creation of a course in the area where a race would be run in his name. This marked the beginnings of modern horseracing and the course was first run back in 1666. This sealed the reputation of Newmarket as a Mecca for horseracing and this is a reputation that the area has been able to maintain ever since. The creation of the course transformed Newmarket into England’s racing headquarters and despite major historical events such as the First and Second World Wars, the course continued to provide sporting entertainment for racing fans without interruption.

An official from Newmarket racecourse said that Newmarket was immensely proud of its racing heritage and that this year the eyes of the world would be upon this famous course. She added that a number of special events would be taking place in order to market this special anniversary including a Spitfire display from Duxford’s Imperial War Museum as well as a special poetry reading amongst other things.

Grand National 2016: The Famous 5

Few horse races capture the spirit of the Grand National. It's mix of tragedy and triumph exemplified in the ''ultimate test of horse and rider''. 

Stories that post race seem to have been waiting to be told, revealed in the breath of horse, jockey, trainer and owner on a cold, spring day. 

Who will win this year's race? 

Take a look at the updated Grand National information and among these determined horses you will find a winner. 

On Saturday 9th April 2016, a champion with be led into the winner's enclosure: muddied, bruised but triumphant. 

A number of incredible horses have won this race since its inauguration in 1839. It's ironic to think the first was named Lottery, ridden by Jem Mason. 

Fancy a bet? With several 100/1 winners it can be a race full of surprises. 

Many readers will have their favourite horse. Perhaps it landed a big gamble, told a story which captured your heart or you simply liked its name! If asked to name the most memorable horses, which would you consider and why? 

Red Rum: The only horse to win the Grand National 3 times in 1973, 1974 & 1977. As impressive as his wins he raced 100 times never to fall. 

Aldaniti: A remarkable winner in 1981. Jockey, Bob Champion, battled against cancer riding a horse who had suffered a career-threatening injury. In 1983 their story was made into a film – Champions, starring John Hurt.

Corbiere: The winner of this contest in 1983. A very consistent horse who was placed in the following two years. Jenny Pitman was the first woman trainer to win the Grand National. 

Devon Loch: A horse remembered for losing the 1956 National. Victory looked assured for this bay gelding, owned by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, when he jumped into the air with yards to go, landing on his stomach to allow a horse named E.S.B to win. 

Battleship: This American bred stallion by Son O' War. Battleship won the American Grand National in 1934 only to win the 1938 Grand National at Aintree, Liverpool. Few remember he is the only horse to achieve the double. Later that year, he travelled back to America to be greeted by his adoring fans in New York. 

Who will win the Grand National 2016? Many Clouds is favourite at odds of 12/1. This Irish son of Clouding out of Bobbing Back won last year's race at odds of 25/1, trained by Oliver Sherwood and ridden by Leighton Aspell. 

Could this be the new Red Rum?

Other major contenders include: The Druids Nephew 25/1, Shutthefrontdoor 25/1, Silviniaco Conti 25/1, Don Poli 25/1, Goonyella 25/1, 33/1 Bar. 

The Grand National: ''The ultimate test of horse and rider''. 

Which horse will you bet this year?

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Oh Shit! Moments every rider experiences

Horse riders are pretty tough. We take the mucking out, fall injuries, and expenses in our stride all for the love of riding.

Paddy Power have collated the best ‘oh shit’ moment that all horse riders can relate to ahead of the Grand National 2016. How many do you recognise?

The Terrible Tumble

You are cantering around the paddock enjoying the fresh air and suddenly your horse sees the end of a carrot and stops. All we can say is thank God for body protection.

Tack me down

Horse tack is getting more and more advanced. However, nothing seems to help you when your foot is caught in the stirrups and you’re head over heels.

The small yappy dog

You take a leisurely hack along the countryside bridle path then BAAM a small ball of fluff springs out of nowhere and scurries around your horses legs scaring the life out of it.

The Shoulder Stand

This is a common occurrence amongst show jumpers and sometimes gymkhana participants. Once you lose your balance, there is no saving you.

The flooded paddock

The outside tap is not working yet again, the rental fees are extortionate and to top it off the paddock is flooded. Who would own a horse hey?!

Unexpected Play Time

Mud, sand, snow, horses love it all. And never more than when you are decked out in your brand new jodhpurs.

When it’s Dentist Time

Having been bitten from an over excited mare previously the thought of an equine dentist at work makes me quiver. If horses make light work of carrots, imagine what they can do to your fingers!  

No Deposit Offers at Online Casinos in UK

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Handicapping Opportunities When You're Not Betting on Horses

Horseracing is arguably the most popular sport among daily sports bettors around the world. This is due simply to the number of races held each day throughout the year, and not because of the great odds associated with horseracing. In fact, horseracing has some of the worst odds in all of sports, and the vital information needed to make successful wagers on horses is usually restricted to the sharp professional bettors around the world. With so many horses throughout the world participating in races daily, the common fan has no way of studying up on and knowing all the horses they’re risking their money on. So when the horseraces take a seasonal break each year, most successful horserace bettors will turn to the other smarter wagering sports.

American football, baseball, basketball, and European football are all far more profitable sports to bet on than horseracing but require a bigger investment. The information for each of these major sports is more readily available to the common sports bettor, which can directly translate into a more even playing field and better profits for bettors. Due to sheer number of people betting on these more mainstream sports around the world, they receive a lot more attention from the general public, resulting in more informed bets placed by those who know how to decipher the information and translate it into winning wagers.

While horseracing information is limited to the few that are in the know, anyone can read in-depth analysis on any of the major sports online or in various national publications daily. Winning sports wagers, no matter what sport it’s in is all about finding quality information and knowing what to do with it. While more bettors may wager on horseracing each year than any of the other sports, you may be surprised to hear that the common bettor has a higher winning percentage in all of those major sports. American football, baseball, and basketball in particular are big money makers for a large number of sports bettors each year. Famous handicapper Jon Price who is known as the worlds most successful and profitable sports gambler advises clients on all sports year round but turns the biggest profits for his clients during the NFL and College football betting seasons. The seasons are much shorter than the horseracing season, but the leagues are still played year round at different intervals and allow sports bettors to make more money on the side while they’re not betting on horse races.

Stop throwing your money away by guessing on a sport that’s as unpredictable as horseracing. If you thought humans unpredictable, they’re nowhere near as inconsistent as horses in horseracing. There’s plenty of other smarter options for you to place our wagers on each year, no matter what season it is when you’re not wagering on horses.

We Need New Crowds in Horse Racing - and Here's How to Get Them

Horse racing is a sport that has not only been with us for decades or centuries, but one that civilisation has enjoyed since about 4500 BC. Its ancient legacy can be traced back to the nomadic tribesmen of central Asia, who first domesticated the horse. Horse racing was enjoyed by the Egyptians, Syrians and Ancient Greeks, but it was the Romans who brought the idea to England.

Once on our shores, horse racing became the sport of Kings. Monarchs like Henry VIII and Charles I changed the face of horse racing by setting specific breeding laws and standardising rules. Their actions firmly embedded the sport’s importance in our national heritage and into the mind of the average Brit of their times.

Today, it is enjoyed worldwide, and gambling on horse races is takes place throughout most of the world, even in the United States. In the UK, horse racing contributes £3.5 billion a year to the economy, attracts 5.8 million spectators to more than 1,300 racing events a year, generates £10 billion in betting income, provides 86,000 jobs and has had almost £1 billion invested in it since 2005.

Sadly, it is also an industry facing a decline. In the past six years, the number of horses being trained has dropped by 7%. Owners aren’t seeing the same returns on their investment as they used to, with a drop down to 29p on the pound. In fact, only 40% of trainers are actually making any money.

If this continues, industry experts are worried that horse racing could collapse as bettors and spectators alike turn their attention to sports such as football and T20 cricket. Nick Rust, chief executive of the British Horseracing Authority, has a plan to increase the appeal of the sport and improve its finances.  Along with a team of seven of the industry’s professional bodies, Rust has set a series of targets: increasing the number of horses in training by 1,000 by 2020; raising spectator numbers to 7 million over the same period; boosting industry funding by £120 million; increasing the betting population, currently 11 million, by 5%; and showing punters they can have a stake in a horse for just £30-£40 a month.

All great steps to improve the face of horse racing, but is there more that the industry can do? We do hope Nick Rust and co’s plan works, but we’ve also got five suggestions that we think can help turn around this sport we hold so dear even quicker.

Teaching People About the Sport

To a novice, horse racing must seem like a confusing and complicated sport to invest in. A flutter at the Cheltenham festival is certainly fun, but for the industry to survive the races, it must find a way to retain their audience in a more up-to-date manner.

One idea is to educate new spectators in the sport. In America, The New York Racing Association along with fan development group America’s Best Racing have launched an educational experience for fans at Saratoga Race Course. Named ‘Racing 101,” the course gives participants a hands-on tutorial on how to bet from professional handicappers, who even accompany fans while the latter place their bets.

And it actually seems to have worked. The New York Racing Association reported a record-setting 2015 meet with a handle of $648,272,805, which was a 13.5% increase in corresponding all-source wagering activity over the previous year.

Image credit
Creating Horse Racing and Casino Resorts

Good partnerships often make us stronger. For horse racing there can be an interesting ally to be found in casinos. There are 148 bricks and mortar casinos in the UK, and their attendance over the last few years from 3.55 million in April 2010 - March 2011 has increased to 6.48 million in April 2014 - March 2015. So why not support the creation of holiday resorts that include both a casino and a horse racing course? Each one would certainly benefit from the other, generating new business and bringing in new audiences.

In that exchange, it is probably the roulette that would prove more attractive to horse racing bettors. Roulette is already the most popular choice in UK casinos, with an average industry table number of 839 in the 2014 fiscal year. It is an approachable game that involves different types of bets, like corner, five-number and split bets. Its very nature is quite similar to horse racing bets, which is good news, as roulette fans will be encouraged to try horse racing betting, while horse race fans themselves would probably welcome the variety of choice a casino/horse track combination gives them. After all, the roulette has been called “the Queen of sports,” so it only makes sense that it would sit side-by-side with the King.

To attract a new and relevant, audience more race courses need to think about the alliances they can make. In America, there is already one such venture, actually launched in 1944. Gulfstream Racing and Casino Park is an entertainment destination featuring thoroughbred racing, two casinos, shopping and dining all in one resort.

So we could also build a one-stop shop for high class entertainment. Each service borrows and lends to each other. We definitely feel that horse racing could benefit from more resorts like this that turn a day at the races into a spectacular event.

Image Credit
Harnessing Social Media

The sports industry is hot when it comes to social media, and in turn social platforms are having an increasingly big impact on sport. If you look at football, the most successful sport in terms of attendance numbers and betting figures, every premiership team runs several social accounts to engage with their audience in a direct and efficient way. They’re directly addressing to their fans pre-, in- and post-game. This breeds loyalty amongst the fans, and allows them to feel part of their team.

And it’s a smart move. According to Navigate Research, sports fans are 67% more likely to use Twitter to enhance their viewing experience compared to non-sports fans. As a sport, horse racing needs to embrace social media more to gain a new audience.

And, as more traditional means of publishing horse racing news drop in popularity, such as newspapers and magazines, social media can pick up and fill in the void. It’s a low-cost, effective way to keep fans up to date and appeal to new audiences.

Attracting More Women

The traditional horse racing fan is typically male – studies have shown that older men provide upwards of 90% of all betting handles. However, if betting revenues are dropping then we need to target a new audience - and that audience is women.

In order to do this, horse racing needs to become less about the horses and racing itself and more about the people and experiences that surround horse racing. Premier events such as the Grand National and Ladies Day at the Cheltenham festival have no problems a all gaining attendance -  72,000 and 55,859 in 2015 respectively.

The introduction of better use of social media would also draw a female audience in, allowing them to connect with what interests them. As well as this, ITV, who has just bought the rights to broadcast all horse racing events in the UK, has promised to increase viewing numbers by targeting outside the core audience. They plan to do this by moving away from the statistics-driven style of Channel 4 to a more lifestyle-focussed format.

Image Credit
Using Technology to Attract Millennials

“Millenial” is the buzzword of the moment, and every business and marketer wants to know how to attract this generation’s attention. They grew up in an electronics-filled and increasingly connected and socially-networked world - so that’s where horse racing has to go to get them.

More technology needs to be introduced into the world of horse racing to attract millennials, and we have started to see this with online betting apps that allow them to beat the betting lines and make their bet directly from their phones.

But is this enough? Part of attracting millennia, ls is about offering them what they want, getting them through the door with events, technology and unique experiences - but will they fall in love with the sport?

Las Vegas is very good at attracting millennials, but gambling now only makes up 37% of the total revenue of the Strip.  They have got young people into the building – with night clubs, concerts, and fine dining. However, not all of these young people are gambling.

What millennials like to play is skill-based games, where there is a perceived edge. Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is a type of gambling that was virtually non-existent in 2010, but is predicted to grow to over a $31 billion handle business by 2020.

And this is something that horse racing should take notice of. We need to offer a betting environment that focusses more on the element of skill. Horse racing fans will argue that we already do, but educating the younger crowd on the skills required to be more successful at the races is key here.

Has horse racing fallen at the hurdle? A little. Will it get back up again to run another race? Almost certainly. As long as it keeps up with modern trends, learns to connect with its audience in a more meaningful way, entices a new breed of horse better and keeps up with the millennials.

Cheltenham Festival Gold Cup 2016 set to be most competitive to date

The Gold Cup is undoubtedly the highlight of the Cheltenham Festival, and with this years race expected to be as competitive as ever, horse racing fans are certainly in for a treat come race day, whatever the eventual outcome. Known for its unpredictability, with only six favourites having won the historic race since 2000, many of this years competitors will go into the race looking to cause an upset.

Despite the final line up not being revealed until 48 hours prior to the race itself, it is looking likely that 22 horses will make up this years race, held on the last day of the Cheltenham Festival. Still considerably behind the amount of runners when compared to the Grand National at Aintree, it is still safe to say that this years Gold Cup runners provide us with a mixed bag in terms of quality and form, with any number of horses in contention for glory.

With the iconic race held in such high regard in the racing community, this will be the big Cheltenham betting highlight for many. Coral bookmakers currently offer odds ranging between 4/1 and 150/1 to demonstrate the depth in the field. Don Cossack and Vautour are currently seen as the two favourites with the rest of the field seen largely as rank outsiders. Do not rule out an upset however, as we do not have to look too far back in the history books to 2014, when 20/1 outside bet Lord Windermere strode home for a famous and unexpected win.

With just eleven horses finishing the race last time around, as Coneygree rode to victory to upstage the retiring AP McCoy, race organisers will be hoping that this year’s event is much more competitive, with the decision to increase the number of runners being vindicated. Last year’s runner up Djakadam provides competition for the favourites with odds of 11/2, while Many Clouds who will look to find form at Cheltenham before competing at the Grand National next month, is seen as an outsider at 33/1.

Irish trainer Willie Mullins will be looking to beat his own record of eight Cheltenham Festival wins in one year, despite losing Faugheen in the Champion Hurdle to injury. Mullins has yet to win the Gold Cup however, and will be looking to Djakadam this year to cap of a potentially hugely successful week. Vauntour is another outside bet for Mullins, should be have confidence in the horse having the stamina to go the distance.

Mullins set to dominate 2016 Cheltenham Festival

Irish trainer Willie Mullins made history in 2015 by registering a record eight winners at the Cheltenham Festival, beating the previous best set by Nicky Henderson three years earlier.
With a stable looking much bigger and stronger this year, there is every chance that Mullins’ record could be topped again, with the prospect of double figures not out of the question.
Mullins started day one in 2015 very strongly with success with Douvan, Un De Sceaux and Faugheen. He could do something similar again on the opening day.
Min is at the time of writing well fancied at 5-4 in the Cheltenham 2016 odds in the Supreme Novices’ Hurdle, which is the first race of this year’s festival. In his two starts in Ireland this season, the novice has scored by a combined distance of over 23 lengths.
In the very next race on day one, Douvan returns to the same meeting he impressed at last year, this time over fences in the Arkle where he is 1-3 to score.
Mullins recently suffered a blow to his team when Faugheen was ruled out of the Champion Hurdle through injury. Despite the setback to the superstar, Mullins still has the top three in the betting for the 2m hurdle contest with Annie Power, Arctic Fire and Nichols Canyon all with good chances.
The Irish Champion Trainer was forced to shuffle his pack once he ruled Faugheen out of the Champion Hurdle. With Annie Power set to be supplemented to take on the opposite sex where she will be bidding to become only the fourth mare in history to win the Champion Hurdle, it means Vroum Vroum Mag is now 5/4 to win the Mares’ Hurdle.
Mullins’ best chance of a winner on day two of the Cheltenham Festival this year looks to be with Un De Sceaux. The 2015 Arkle winner stepped out of novice company this season where he scored in the Grade One Clarence House Chase. He did make an error at Leopardstown during their Christmas meeting, though, which resulted in him falling at the second last fence. Before that mistake he was over eight lengths clear of the field.
It is unclear at this stage which race Mullins will line up for Vautour at the Festival. The temptation may be to run the King George runner up in the 3m2f Cheltenham Gold Cup. That is a trip which is certainly not his best. The blue riband event is the highlight of the week so if Mullins does feel there is a chance he could see out that distance up the hill at Prestbury Park, he will most likely run him in the contest. The other option is the Ryanair Chase on day three. Vautour would likely be odds-on for the 2m4f chase.
Finally, Mullins has yet to win the Gold Cup in his training career so far. He went close in 2015 with Djakadam, who was beaten by just over a length by Coneygree. The seven-year-old is expected to return to the same race where he is likely to be in contention again.

126 horses enter huge field of entries for Grand National

Trainers across England and Ireland have entered 126 horses for the running of this year’s Grand National. The long list of entries is the biggest since 2008, although only a maximum of 40 horses can start the race.

This year’s race doesn’t just have quantity though, as many have already commented on the quality of the field. The British Horseracing Authority's head of handicapping Phil Smith has said that this is the most competitive field of horses he’s ever had to handicap for the Grand National. He told his local paper the Liverpool Echo that he was impressed with the strength and depth of this year’s field, saying he struggled who to give the top weight to. In the end he gave the top weight to last year’s winner Many Clouds who is 12/1 favourite to win at bookmakers Coral. But Smith told the Echo that he debated whether to give Don Poli the heaviest weight instead. As someone who has had to assess the field of the last 18 Grand Nationals, he is someone who you might want to get some Grand National Tips off of.

The packed list of entries for this year’s race means it’s much more difficult for bookmakers and betting fans to decide which horse will finish first or even place. Many Clouds isn’t the only previous winner to be entered into this race, as 2014’s winner Pineua De Re was also named in the long list of 126. At the moment he has odds of just 50/1 to win the race on betting site Coral, who as well as offering odds will have all of the latest news on their blog during the lead up to their race. As one of the UK’s biggest bookmakers, their Grand National tips are probably as close as from the horse's mouth as you'll get before this year’s big race.

Five of last year’s six top finishing horses have also been named in the long list. After last year’s winner Many Clouds, last year’s fifth place finisher Shutthefrontdoor has the lowest odds of 20/1 on bookmakers Coral’s site out of last year’s top 6. Second place finisher Saint Aire has 25/1 odds with Royale Knight and Alvarado both currently with odds of 33/1 at bookmakers Coral. Unfortunately last year’s third place finisher Monbeg Dude will not start this year’s race due to a tendon injury.

None of those top six finishers have massively rewarding odds though compared to some horses at this early stage with weeks before the start of the race. If you’re looking for some more potentially lucrative Grand National tips, then there is a lot of interest in Kruzhlinin who is currently 33/1 at Coral. Since the weights were announced, a lot Grand National tips websites have also backed Carlingford Lough to win the race. His odds dropped to just 25/1 on bookmakers site Coral when it was announced he’d be racing just three pounds lighter than favourite Many Clouds, and they’re likely to drop again before the race begins.


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Posted by High Class Equine on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grand National 2016: Every Horse has its Story to Tell

Few horse races capture the spirit of the Grand National. Every winner of this historic National Hunt contest, held annually at Aintree, Liverpool, appreciates the sweet taste of victory is paradoxically mixed with an equal measure of blood, sweat and tears.

Stories which lift your spirits, crush your heart, but, somehow, bring a toothless smile to a muddy-face jockey, tired as his mount, weary, but passionate in victory.

A wise, old trainer once said to me: ''Every horse has its story to tell.''

On Saturday, 9th April 2016 we turn the page of a new chapter to this fascinating race.  

The most famous of all Grand National winners. He needs little introduction. Red Rum literally made this Steeplechase his own with three outstanding wins in the 1970s. This son of Quorum out of a dam named Mared was bred at Rossenara Stud in Kells, County Kilkenny, Ireland, by Martyn McEnery. 

Bred to be a Flat racing horse, he dead-heated on his first victory over 5 furlongs at Aintree, in the days before this venue was raced solely for National Hunt. Who would have believed in those formative years he would be ridden by another champion - none other than the legendary Lester Piggott. 

Those early years were merely stepping stones to a success that few could have foretold.

From a 400 guinea yearling purchased in 1966. This bay gelding was purchased by Southport car dealer Ginger McCain for owner Noel Le Mare at a cost of 6000 guineas. Trained on Southport beach, the sight of McCain and his charge captured the determined attitude of man and horse. Only two days after his purchase, Redrum was found to be lame. The sea-water gallops had been akin to an elixir of life for lame carthorses and it proved to be the remedy for a champion that professionals and housewives alike would never forget. 

Redrum remains the only horse to win the Grand National three times (1973, 1974 & 1977). Few equine have battled more ardently over 4m 31/2 furlongs, 30 fences and 2 laps.

The National is said to be: ''The ultimate test of a horse's courage.'' In a time where jumping fences such as the Chair & Becher's Brook was synonymous with the horse that jumped over the moon he won not once, twice but thrice. 

Redrum died at the age of 30 making the front page of national papers. Buried at the winning post of his beloved Aintree Racecourse his epitaph reads: ''Respect this place/ this hallowed ground/a legend here/ his rest has found/ his feet would fly/ our spirits soar/ he earned our love forevermore''.      

Redrum told his own story. He raced 100 times never to fall.  

Harden ready for success

Warren Greatrex is looking forward to seeing his star hurdler Cole Harden back in action in the Relkeel Hurdle at Cheltenham on New Year’s Day after his recent reappearance at Newbury.

Cole Harden finished a perhaps slightly disappointing third to Thistlecrack, trained by Colin Tizzard, in the Long Distance Hurdle at Newbury back in November.

Despite the underwhelming result, Greatrex was pleased with the run at Newbury and he believes Cole Harden is warming up nicely ahead of his engagement at Cheltenham in the New Year ahead of the festival then in March.

The Relkeel Hurdle seems a prime opportunity for the six-year-old and Greatrex, who watched Cole Harden finish third behind Rock On Ruby and Vaniteux, is of the belief that the gelding can produce an even better performance this time.

"He came out of his run at Newbury very well and looks great. I am very happy with him. He was third in the Relkeel last year and, fingers crossed, he can go a bit better this year," said the trainer.

It was confirmed that the impressive hurdler’s season is being geared towards another tilt at the World Hurdle at the Cheltenham festival in March, a race Cole Harden completely dominated in 2015 when taking a three-and-a-quarter length victory from Saphir Du Rheu.

According to statistics, most people bet on the last day of the Cheltenham Festival at Coral but Cole Harden, who runs on the penultimate day, seems a bet not to be missed. It’s likely there will be plenty written about the hurdler on Coral’s horse racing blog between now and the Festival.

The Grade-1 winner is currently 7-1 joint-favourite with Coral to defend his crown successfully in the Cotswolds and his trainer is confident that the six-year-old can do the business.

"The plan at the moment will be to run on New Year's Day and then go straight for the Ladbrokes World Hurdle,” said Greatrex. “We want the tank full for March."

Cole Harden has one win and a third at Cheltenham to his name, but if he can perform well in the Relkeel Hurdle on New Year’s Day there’s no reason why he can’t take another victory at the home of jump racing next Spring.