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1 Nov 2017

Horse Racing Games Online

Alongside playing at casinos, horse racing has long been one of the most popular ways of betting in the UK, and with sports betting and online casino sites, both of these have thrived in the modern era. Given the passion, not just for betting on horse racing, but for the overall experience – such as the physical thrill of the races and the pleasure of attending them, it’s no surprise that online casino sites are looking to produce virtual horse racing games based around capturing this within the comfort of your home – such as Premier Racing and Golden Derby. In a way these are similar to fantasy football games like Championship Manager, in that they let you experience an ultra-realistic simulation of the real thing – and it really is ultra realistic. When it comes to Premier Racing, the graphics and audio effects capture the fictional Birchfield racing ground and the horses and jockeys in such detail, that you could be watching a horse race for real. Given that there won’t always be a race happening when you want to attend one, or place a bet, reading the information about – and putting bets on – the fictional horses in this game will ensure that you can have horse racing whenever (and wherever) you like. This is central to the appeal of both Premier Racing and Golden Derby, because they can be played from any location such as UK, to Australia to canadian casino games , and are available whenever you want them. Golden Derby operates in much the same way as Premier Racing, supplying detailed information related to a virtual horse race, including info about the horses, jockeys and running conditions, to enable you to make informed bets. However it also offers progressive jackpots, which ensure that you have the potential to win significant sums by playing it, with these progressive jackpots are triggered if the horses finish the race in the same order as they appear on the jackpot list. Both of these games are ones that should have real appeal for fans of the sport of kings.

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