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16 Mar 2015

Horse Rugs: Keeping them warm this Winter

The winter months can be harsh for horses just the way that they can be harsh for people. People wear coats during the cold winter months and a horse should have a rug during those frosty, snowy and icy days and nights. Knowing when to use a rug on a horse can provide protection as well as comfort in order for the horse to stay healthy. 
Horse Rugs: Keeping Them Warm This Winter
There are many reasons to purchase a good quality horse rug for winter months. Watch for signs that the horse is cold such as shivering. If he is shivering, he could very well benefit from the use of a warm rug. It is important to keep horses warm in winter to help prevent illnesses with them. They can catch colds and other illness when they are too cold. 
Stable or Pastured Horses
Whether a horse is kept in a stable or in the pasture, he can still be cold. Just because he is kept in a stable or stall does not mean that he will always be warm during the winter months. When the weather produces snow, high winds or icy conditions it is safe to assume that a good rug will help him to be more comfortable. Horse Rugs: Keeping them warm this winter should be an important factor to every equine owner as well as those that care for them. 
Older Horses Need Rugs
Horses that are older are the best candidates for a rug. The food they they eat may not be enough to help their bodies generate the warmth that they need to endure the low temperatures that can arise during a heavy winter. The rug will help keep the direct rain, wind and snow from making them cold and possibly ill. 
Pay Attention to the Weather
When a horses coat gets wet it looses its value of warmth to the horse. This is no different than a human wearing a wet coat, it is not going to provide the warmth and protection that they need. Wind can blow a horses body heat away leaving him cold and shivering. Rain and windchill can make the difference in the horse being in need of a quality rug. 
Choosing The Best Rug
When choosing a rug for a horse making sure that the rug the perfect fit is important. A good fit allows the horse to move about freely. A poor fitting rug can cause discomfort and lead to the horse chewing on the rug as well as chaffing. Rugs should be made of material that allows the horses skin to breath and to prevent sweating. Purchasing more than one rug is often a great idea as it will allow a wet blanket to be removed and a dry one placed on the horse for comfort. 
When considering Horse Rugs: Keeping them warm this winter will be much easier if purchased from Ride 4 Less, they offer a large variety of rugs to choose from in a great selection of styles and thickness. Affordable prices are always available making it easy to provide all horses with the comfort that they deserve during those long winter months that can seem to last forever. Provide all horses with the best protection possible by choosing rugs for them that fit properly and make the winter months much easier for them to withstand. Good rugs can save on vet cost as well as keep the horse healthy through winter.