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12 Mar 2015

Olympia Horse Show 2014

Fans  come  from  all over  Europe to behold  this  grand  event  that occurs  annually at the Olympia London International Horse show. Even though the event takes place in late December, ticket booking starts as early as May. This includes bookings for accommodation and sitting. With its continued popularity, each year, it gets better.
In 2014, the seven-day show included not  only  dressage  shows, but also  the Shetland pony Grand  National, The  metropolitan Police activity  Ride, Show  jumping  and the  kennel Club Dog  agility  performance. Clearly, there was something for everyone in attendance.
Olympia Dressage Star
Decked in a dark colored tailed coat, Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro went ahead to break another record with their breathtaking grand prix, breaking the 87.46% former record and also the 94.3% points for the freestyle. Dressage training helps a horse  to acquire technique crucial  to either  racing  or  other  sport  activity as it  learns  to  be  keen  and  attentive  to the  rider. The routine movements, when done with precision and with fluidity score points for the overall performance. A  rider and his or her animal communicate with ease such that it  almost  seems  that  the horse  is moving  at  will and  not  under  subtle  guidance. The end result is a safe, comfortable horse for future riders.
The side shows
Different spectators  who came for the Olympia Horse Show 2014, come in for  different  shows, and it  really  does  no  harm  to  check  the  schedule  in advance  to  know which show is most  appealing. Show jumping is a sport favored by those that are particular about horse agility and athleticism. Jumping is creatively designed to appeal to the eye, with colorful displays elaborately packaged. The rider and his ride jump over obstacles that vary from water, stone walls and bars. There is  the Oxer bar which is composed  of  two verticals close  together, a triple bar and  even the hogs back which  is a  spread  fence with  three rails. The  penalties pop  when  a horse  refuses  to jump and obstacle, exceeds  the  time  limit  or  knocking  down a rail. Ben Maher riding Diva made a spectacular show of jumping, maintaining his former position.
Some  have argued  that  the metropolitan police  activity ride  is  a bit  over  the  top, but  a consideration  of the  purpose  of the  show can shed  light  to the  whole  idea. Since  it  involves jumping fire  and  other hair  raising actions, it  is no  different  from  what the  police  go   through  during  normal   training, and  is  in fact  quite  appropriate when  performed  in  controlled   environment.
Riders of 9-14 years of age participate in the Shetland Pony Grand National show. Which  is a fast  paced  race to  show  off  the  young  one’s  abilities. It is also a great reservoir for future jockeys and racers. Young ones are also thrilled about the display of canine agility by the Kennel Club Dog show.
The Olympia Shop
Such a celebrated event  require at  least a souvenir, and  the International Equestrian Displays Shopping village  is a  home  to  all that  and  more. Guests were able to bring home beautiful art, key chains and stuffed animals. The beauty  of  this  is  that  is  even a  luggage  drop  of  point  so  one  need  not  cart  around the  items  bought. Hotels  bookings  can  be  made  online, even  specifying  the  requirement  for  maybe, a walking  distance  to the event  venue. Disabled visitors have their own sitting areas, completed with toilets fitted for the disabled. In the coming years, it is expected that the show will keep getting more competitive, with even more participants. If you want your equine to participate in such a prestigious show, then start grooming your loving horse with best quality equestrian equipment from a store like Robinsons Equestrian where the superior products are available at competitive prices.