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4 Jul 2017

He Won £500,000 On Football Acca

Who doesn't like a bet? 

A bet makes an average sporting event all the more exciting especially if you win big. I found this new website which covers varied sports, best free bets, live streaming, betting tips, accas, enhanced odds & casino bonuses. Plenty of ammunition to get those bookmakers on the back foot. 

What captures the interest of most punters? I know for a fact. It's hearing that someone made it big with a life-changing win, defying the odds. 

Take a look at these (almost) unbelievable winners. 

Small-Change Punter Wins Big

Detailed in the Daily Mail. An unnamed Manchester punter struck it big when his 30p accumulator won an incredible £500,000. 

The Manchester United fan from Lichfield, Staffs, concluded a jaw-dropping 15-event accumulator when Bayern Munich won the Champions League title. The odds of winning amounted to 1,666,666/1. This is believed to be a world record. 

Incredibly, the mystery punter in his 50s hit bookmakers for six back in 1999 when he scooped £157,000 for a bet of just £2.50. It was completed when Manchester United won the Champions League. 

The secretive punter placed his bet with William Hill in Upper St John Street, Lichfield. 

However, the manageress said: ''He regularly places ''ante-post'' bets. He's a nice, normal, family man but we have got his card marked.''

The confident punter made a prediction after winning £157,000. 

''I'm going to do it again!''  

Mrs Dykes said: ''It's like winning the Lottery twice. It's the biggest win I have ever dealt with.''

Regular punter a the shop, Lee Philips, 37, said: ''I hope a bit of his luck rubs off on to me. I try different bets and a lot of people will now be tempted to do the same thing. It proves it can be done. I might try a 60p stake and get a bit more!''

Ladbrokes Hit with £60,000 Acca

BBC News Reported: With just minutes to go Jack Grealish's goal for Newcastle sealed £60,000 for a punter from the Scottish borders. His £10 saw him select 7 league winners.