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12 Jul 2017

David Evans Fined After Black Dave Betting Fiasco

No stranger to speaking his mind, horse trainer David Evans had to listen to the BHA after backing Black Dave before withdrawing stablemate and favourite Tango Sky in 6f race at Wolverhampton back in January 2015. 

Evans was fined a total of £3,140 with regard to a betting-related breach after betting with Ladbrokes detailing Tango Sky would be a non-runner before informing the Racing Calendar. 

He breached rule (A) 30.1 conduct prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct and/or good reputation of horse racing. 

Evans backed Black Dave before informing withdrawing stablemate Tango Sky. He should have notified the Racing Calendar office of the non-runner immediately. 

The trainer placed a bet of £6,000 on Black Dave and discussed his intent to withdraw Tango Sky. 

Read the full transcript between Evans and Jeremy Thomas, trading for Ladbrokes. 

Phone call on January 9, 2015: 08:43 – 2 minutes, 4 seconds
JT: Jeremy Thomas, trading
DE: David Evans, trainer
Call starts

JT: Ladbrokes, Jeremy speaking

DE: Morning Jeremy

JT: You all right?

DE: Yeah

JT: Good, good

DE: I want a good bet

JT: You want a good bet?

DE: If you can give me it? Yeah

JT: Go on

DE: Yeah, Black Dave

JT: Where is that running today?

DE: Wolverhampton in the first

JT: The first at Wolverhampton. (pause) How much you looking for Dave?

DE: A good bit. Are you in a good mood are ya?

JT: Not really. No

DE: Why? Why? Ain't your money.

Both laughing

DE: You will probably win it anyway

JT: How much you looking for? I can do you a bit of 4-1

DE: I’m looking for six grand

JT: Six grand, okay just two seconds Dave

DE: Yep

At this point JT is asking senior trader Tony Milburn if he wants the bet

JT: Six grand at four

DE: Yeah

JT: That’s on for you Dave, yeah

DE: Right

JT: What’s the message there then? Just....(inaudible)

DE: Can I tell you something?

JT: Oh, you’ve got the other one there haven’t you?

DE: Yeah

JT: All right okay. Fair enough

DE: Ain't gonna run

JT: It’s not going to go, no?

DE: Right, does that help you out?

JT: It will do, yeah, yeah

DE: Yeah

JT: What time is that getting pulled out? Can you....

DE: Ooh, I don’t know

JT: Okay

DE: Before nine o’clock, you don’t pay the jockey

(JT laughing)

JT: Oh really

DE: Hey, so that bet is on is it?

JT: So 8.59 that are coming out is it?

DE: No, I don’t know

(Both laughing)

JT: All right mate, that’s on for you, yes

DE: Thanks Jeremy

JT: Okay, cheers then, thanks Dave

DE: Right

Call concluded
Timeline of events on the day:
8.35am Black Dave priced at 4-1 with Ladbrokes
8.38am Black Dave is shortened to 7-2
8.43am David Evans places a £6,000 bet on Black Dave with Ladbrokes at improved odds of 4-1 and informs the firm Tango Sky will be a non-runner
8.46am Black Dave is shortened to 100-30
8.47am Tango Sky is shortened to 3-1 (from 7-2), increasing the rule 4 to 25p in a £1
9.02am Black Dave shortens to 11-4 following bets from owners at the yard
9.04am Black Dave shortens to 5-2
9.39am Tango Sky is declared a non-runner and a new market is subsequently formed
Thoughts: By all accounts, David Evans breached the rules of the BHA probably unaware his messages were being recorded and, perhaps, unfortunate that this information was leaked. I have seen numerous occasions where many and varied trainers have had late non-runners after significant betting moves and jockey changes which begs the question: ''Is this rife in the sport of kings with many trainers using inside information to make calculated bets?'' It would seem such a natural endeavour to many that I doubt Evans even considered the ethics of his statement. It is clearly wrong, but I suspect it is a ploy used on a very regular basis by unknown trainers and owners who fancy a flutter.