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10 Nov 2017

The Grand National 2018: Betting Like A Lion

It's the big one. 

A race like no other. In a thousand year's time, people will read about a legendary horse called Red Rum, the winner of three Grand Nationals (1973, 1974 & 1977), who jumped 30 fences as high as a double-decker bus. He hurtled four and a half miles in ten seconds flat without taking a breath, won a cup and the heart of a nation. 

Isn't it funny how time changes the memories of old? Is it simply nostalgia? To be embellished, emboldened, to shine in honour of what we so rightfully respect, love and never want to forget. 

How righteous are those words? Horses taking part in the greatest steeplechase in the world.  

The 2018 Grand National, Saturday 14th April.  

Even today, Red Rum would Murder the opposition. 

If only every horse could run with a lion's heart. Instead of betting like a timid little mouse you would run toward the nearest bookmakers wearing one of those lion's manes you can buy from Ebay and literally roar your bet at the turf accountant who would be hiding behind their counter, fingertips showing, nails digging deep. Basically, the bookie would give you some cash the moment they saw your bushy mane coming through the door.

I love to bet. 

If there was a spectrum of betting personalities, which animal would tick your box? 

Do you bet like a lion? Are you that gambler with a lion's mane who has their bookmaker jumping like a gazelle whenever you place a bet?

Blimey, I want to be that man!

I guess one in a thousand people bet like a lion

Let's put that mane to one side, make a cup of camomile tea, relax for a moment. However, which animal manifests itself in the way you BET?

I bet like a...

Bet Like a Lion: 

You're the king of the betting jungle. Nothing frightens you. Whether it's a favourite, outsider or two flies wearing lion's manes crawling up a wall. You bet like a man or woman possessed, nostrils flared, fists clenched.The story goes, you backed Red Rum in 1974 and never been the same. 

Betting style: Definitely a straight win bet. 

How much: Bet big. The smallest note in your pocket is £50 and you bet like it's a five-pound note. 

Chance of winning: High

Bet Like an Owl:

With a head that turns almost 360 degrees, you don't miss much. You wear your superzoom glasses to read the form books and you know every piece of info before making your bet. You view bookmakers as prey.  

Betting style: Likes an each-way wager on a big priced poke. 

How much: A small bet. No one can ruffle your feathers with your studious approach. Betting is a hoot. 

Bet Like a Butterfly:

You're difficult to pin down: here, there, everywhere. One moment the favourite is sure to win but you like the name of the outsider at 500/1. You're attracted to the racing silks, lucky numbers, superstition and if you see a black cat on the day of the big race you simply do not bet. 

Betting style: A win bet on five or six horses in hope that one strikes gold. 

How much: You've never bet more than a pound and that's never going to change. 

How Do Your Favourite Racing Pundits  Bet?

We asked our betting psychologist to find the trait for a number of racing pundits:

Dave Nevison: Shark (he smells the blood of  bookmaker...then bets)

Nick Luck: Anteater (hoovers up the value with a charming swagger)  

Lydia Hislop: Moth (doesn't bet until late evening. Nothing like the butterfly approach)

Angus McNae: Roadrunner (he bets with a beep beep) 

Stuart Machin: Robot (the machin machine. He cranks out stats and timely quips for fun)

Happy Betting.