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20 Feb 2019

Antique Retro Slot Machines: Indian Head

I don't know about you, but these modern slot machines don't seem a patch on the old antique one-armed bandits of yesteryear. 

To be honest, I don't even understand what these new slots are all about. They feature about one-million winning lines and I'm damned if I can work out what is a win or not until I hear all the bells and whistles and the money increasing on screen. It's such a song and dance that I expect to see Fred Astaire appear from a door in the corner of the room and disappear when the jingle has concluded. 

''Did I really see Fred Astaire doing the light fandango to the tune of Cleopatra slot machine?''

Trust me, if you play those slots long enough, you'll be seeing Mickey Mouse doing the Macarena. 

Anyway, I really shouldn't give slot machines such a hard time because lots of people love them. Even easier when you stay at home and play to your heart's content. Online Casino Deutschland is worth a gander if you fancy finding the best offers and free bets, free spins and you may even glimpse a vision of Sammy Davis Jnr if you play long enough or hit on a massive win that sends you out of this world. 

Back to my antique slots. When I was a child I used to go on holiday to Caister-on-sea, Norfolk. The arcade on the Haven site had lots of new slot machines and arcade games. It was the mid-70s so around the time of Space Invaders. Well, the arcade had a few old slot machines left over from the good old days. A few of the Jennings slot machines. All chrome, smelling of oil, and clunky reels that shuddered when they stopped. The one with the Indian head. 

I'm no expert when it comes to these retro slot machines but even as a seven-year-old child I knew I liked them. There is something magical about a machine made of nuts and bolts which goes beyond all these pixelated screens. The sounds of coins singing against the chrome tough. They may have been twopences but for a youngster, it was like a million bucks. I had many an hour playing on them with my twin brother. They still stick in my mind. The design so beautiful, sturdy but ornate. They had and still have character. 

Today these vintage slot machines are true collector's items. I doubt you would get much change out of a couple of grand. Funny how times change. I can imagine plenty were discarded as the modern stuff arrived. Funny how they are the ones that are still remembered and prized. 

In this modern age where no one can be bothered to move too much. Online casinos have taken place of the brick and mortar equivalent. 

Should gambling be a solitary affair or better with some company? 

The choice is yours.