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25 Aug 2020

How to Bet on the 2020 Preakness Stakes Horse Race: 5 Guides To Take Heed

Betting on horses is probably one of the top sports betting games that every punter wants to take. Unlike typical sports, horse racing is attended by many entries, and the betting games are massive. Bettors and fans can make their wagers diverse so they can make more room to earn more money. 

In line with that, the U.S. Triple Crown Series is underway, where the Derby takes place two weeks from now. The Preakness Stakes will close the show, which happens on October 3, 2020. That said, there are many prizes at stake in betting games and making sure to form the best bets as early as today. 

While it's true that the racehorses' odds and lines are showing in many horse racing platforms today, picking the right entry can be tricky. To make it easier for you, here’s some essential Preakness Stakes betting guide you can contemplate to save every dime from losing. There might be no formula to win consistently, but by applying these tips, you are heading to form a deserving bet most of the time. 

Always Be Selective

The Preakness Stakes betting games have the same categories as other races that make the whole Triple Crown Series. Most of the time, you'll find the same horses saddling up in the field. These horses have been working out so much and come with impressive racing forms throughout their career. 

Always be selective when it comes to your Preakness Stakes betting. It means that you should pick betting categories you know how to play and where your horses can possibly emerge as winners. Seasoned horse racing bettors always pick the simple betting categories rather than risk a more difficult one. 

Consistently Check The History

It refers to a review in the horse's racing form from time to time. The experience of the racehorse is the only key to determining how well they can work inside the Preakness Stakes field. This is a Grade 1 Stakes race that competes in the dirt track and features more than a million-dollar purse prize. 

Do know that the horses do not only run in the Preakness Stakes without experience. Some of them have done well in many stakes races before taking a bid in the Run For The Black Eyed-Susans. Make sure to review them from time to time and check how well they did to know whether they're good bets. 

Consider Derby Favorites And Belmont Accomplishers 

Due to the unique placement of the Preakness Stakes this year, picking your bets might be influenced by the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. The Belmont Stakes settled last June 6, 2020. Review the horses who did well in this racing game and consider betting them for the Preakness Stakes. Moreover, the Kentucky Derby will commence a few weeks from now, and those who end the race well are expected to join the Preakness Stakes. Moreover, if Tiz the Law, the Belmont winner, can end up victorious in the Derby, he'll probably get the best odds in the Preakness Stakes race, so don't hesitate to bet for him. 

Compare Rest Time And Layoffs 

Rest time and layoffs can affect how the racehorse will perform inside the racecourse. It has both advantages and disadvantages. But, when it comes to the Triple Crown races, it is a continuous tournament in three segments. Colts may have their rest times, but they should not take a long lay off. 

If the colts have rested for so long, their groove is affected and might not be able to accomplish the racing well. Some trainers send the colt to training after the competition or a week before a new racing starts. It is to make sure that the colts can maintain their hype no matter what racing games they are running for. 

Evaluate The Jockeys And Trainer 

No matter how tough the horse looks, he won't be able to fulfil his goal to reach the finish line without a jockey and a trainer. The trainer spends all the time handicapping the horse and bringing out the best in him. He also develops the different speed variation that is needed to win the racing show. 

On the other hand, the jockeys also are a huge contributor to the colt's success. They are the ones who control the horse's speed inside the track. Besides, they should build a great connection with the racehorse so they both can reach the finish line impressively.  


The Preakness Stakes is going to be more exciting as it settles in October. Knowing that it is the last series of the Triple Crown, the fans and bettors can anticipate only the best horses at Pimlico racecourse. If you are one of the bettors who want to gamble in the 145th running of the Black-Eyed Susans, take note of the betting guides above to earn substantially.