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26 Aug 2020

Virtual Horse Racing – A Good Way to Get Action Between Events

Ten years ago, horse racing enthusiasts may have scoffed at the idea of actually watching and betting on virtual horse races. But now, in 2020, the technology used by online bookies for the digital races is way more advanced than it was back then. Indeed, there is a great deal of realism involved and, with ever-improving graphics, soon it could be difficult to tell the difference between real and virtual sports. For anyone who is yet to check out virtual horse racing, there are a few reasons why it may be a good idea to get into it. 

What Are The Advantages of Virtual Horse Racing? 

One of the main reasons why virtual sports have come into their own in recent times is due to the fact that they don’t face a lot of the same circumstances which can sometimes adversely affect real sports. Natural disasters, terrible weather, or unforeseen accidents can all lead to the postponement of sports in real life, but can never put a stop to digital horses galloping away on a computerised screen. 

Some bettors may even believe virtual horse racing to be a superior option to the real thing in that they can go about their betting in a more scientific manner. No matter how many different variables you take into account in the real world, there is always the chance that the 50/1 outsider who everyone wrote off suddenly gets a new lease of life and takes the racecourse by storm. Bettors can take their tried and tested strategies to many online casino sites like NetBet casino, which take things like form, jockey, and surface into consideration, and use this calculation to make the shrewdest bets possible. 

What Makes Virtual Sports so Realistic? 

The constantly evolving gaming industry has helped developers push the limits when it comes to graphics and gameplay. Sports games are some of the longest-running franchises in the gaming industry, with popular options like FIFA from EA Sports having been in existence for almost thirty years. If you take a look back at the earliest offering, FIFA International Soccer, and compare it with the latest, FIFA 20, the difference is astounding. This progression suggests that it will soon be almost impossible to differentiate between real and virtual sports.

The latest version of sports games on consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are using the Frostbite engine developed by DICE, which has been lauded for being incredibly realistic. With the next generation of consoles right around the corner, these graphics are set to get even better. The gambling industry has not ignored these developments, and operators have realised that they can take advantage of them by offering virtual sports on their sites. 

Even the most hard-core sports enthusiasts are beginning to see some of the benefits of virtual sports. A decade ago, virtual horse racing may have been fairly dull and visually inferior. But now, the enhanced graphics make it extremely immersive. If you haven’t seen virtual horse racing yet, you may be missing out.