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2 Jun 2021

Beginners’ guide to picking the right horse

Horse racing and a day at the races are an exciting adventure for equine fans with many prestigious events like Aintree dominating the annual calendar. But even though the sport maintains a strong following throughout the year, it is the betting audience which can truly make a good event a great one. But where do you even start when it comes to betting on the horses? 

Taking a look through a horse trainer directory can give you some sound knowledge, but here are some helpful hints on picking the right horses. 

Put in some legwork 

Doing a bit of homework before you place your bets can really help your chances of success, even if you spend just a little time going through the race program. 

Making an informed decision isn’t always as straightforward as you’d like it to be but with a little reading material you could certainly make a better choice than just guessing. As well as listing all the races planned for the day ahead, a race program will also give you some background information about the horses taking part. These details could indicate which participants are in better shape, and primed for a win. Also, look at previous horse racing results over the last few weeks to see which horses and jockeys are on form.

Choosing a bet 

Sometimes made out to be much more complicated than it needs to be, horse racing and betting on it can come in all shapes and sizes thanks to various different kinds of bet. 

The most common bet to read about is the win bet, where you just pick a horse that you think will win the race, hence the name of the bet. 

Perhaps the second most well-known bet is a place bet. This bet may differ depending on which country you’re in, but the basic premise is that you are placing a bet to say that a particular horse will become in first or second, sometimes even third. Betting on multiple horses can also be done, though the chances of success are much slimmer. 

You should also look out for betting tips from tipsters! 

Getting The Right Tips 

There is no shortage of tipsters dishing out free horse racing tips, but how do you know which ones are worth listening to. Well, the simple answer is research. You should look at tips from a variety of horse racing sites with experts who offer predictions and previews. Make a list of what each one says and then draw conclusions by comparing them. If you are looking for content you can trust, check out's horse racing tipsters where experts such as Alan Kelly always fill you in with the latest tips with previews on which horses and jockeys to look out for. Plus the renowned jockey Peter Scudamore also gives out his tips on 

Shop around 

Once you have done all the homework and decided which horse you are going to bet on, next it is time to take a pause and shop around. 

Much like any other industry, it always pays off to shop around. Just going with the first bookie may not be in your best interest. Before placing the bet, take the time to check a range of bookmakers to see which one is offering you the best payout for the bet you want to make. If you win, you’ll want to maximise your capital so do this by shopping around for the best odds on offer. 

Branch out but not too far 

Statistically speaking, it makes sense that the more races you bet on, the more chances you have to win and make a profit. Stick to a budget and place some bets, but don’t invest in all the races. You’ll want to save some pennies for other big races later on in the day.